INTABA Teas of Africa Herbal Health Tea

INTABA Teas of Africa Herbal Health Tea

Intaba Honeybush

Intaba Rooibos
& Fennel

Intaba Rooibos

Intaba Rooibos
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Intaba Bushbabies

Intaba Red African
Masala Chai

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Cold Intaba Rooibos tea bags on tired or red eyes have a soothing effect.

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Welcome to the fascinating world of African herbs ...

We proudly bring you INTABA Teas of Africa, an exotic category of all-natural specialty teas, organically certified and sourced from the finest estates in Africa.

INTABA Teas of Africa 

INTABA Teas of Africa - Inspired by Rooibos, Honeybush and other great herbal health teas from Africa. Made by Cape Natural Tea Products, South Africa's premier supplier of herbal tea products and botanicals.

We invite you to find out more about INTABA Teas of Africa. It's a magical story, it's a true story and this is how it all began ...

On the Southern tip of Africa lived a people whose legacy of rock paintings you will discover in the remote places where they once dwelled. Some call them Bushmen. Others believe them to be direct descendants of Stone Age man. But there is no doubt about the San people's ability to live in complete harmony with nature. It is from these hunter-gatherers that we inherited our knowledge of Rooibos, Honeybush and other unique, indigenous herbs that the fertile soil of Africa has to offer. Their legends have taught us to share its goodness.

What does 'Intaba' mean?

In many indigenous languages, the word for mountain is 'intaba'. Should you venture to the tip of Africa, follow the dirt roads that meander through the rugged Cederberg and Kouga mountains; you will soon find yourself on top of an escarpment overlooking fertile plains. Breathe in the pure mountain air, relish the silence and then look closely at the fynbos kingdom that surrounds you - for here you will discover the shrub-like bushes and abundant herbs that yield the treasures found in each pack of INTABA Tea.

Find out more about our herbal tea range ...

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